Samp and Server Guide.



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    Samp and Server Guide.

    Post  [YU]Fouz on Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:03 pm

    New to SA-MP ?
    1. Download and install San Andreas Multiplayer from
    2. Launch SA-MP and choose the favourites tab
    3. Click the orange tick on the toolbar (add server)
    4. Type or copy & paste into the box and select ok
    5. Youth United RPG is now added to your server list
    6. Enter a name, select Youth United RPG and click the green triangle on the toolbar (connect)
    7. When you have connected it will tell you if your name is already in use
    8. If it already registered exit and choose another one
    9. Enter a password in the box and click register to create an account.
    10. Next time you play you will need to type your password to login so don't forget it.
    11. Select one of the two Citizen skins and spawn.
    12. Use t to open the command box.
    13. Use g to enter a vehicle as a passenger.
    14. Type /help to see the help menu. Type /tutorials to view a tutorial.

    New to Youth United RPG

    The server uses its own money called GCash. This money is not displayed on the game dollar bar so you can ignore that.
    The aim of the server is to get a job and Role Play to earn money.
    With money you can buy a Car, Skin and House in the game.
    Full role-play names are not required. Out of character chat is not used, be yourself and have fun!

    When you have registered and picked a Citizen skin you will spawn.

    You should use a bicycle to start with rather than a car as you may get arrested by the police as you have no driving licence and some cars may be out of fuel.

    Please type /rules and obey them! Watch the /tutorial or read /new for an introduction to the game.
    All aspects of the game are documented in game through /help

    First you will need to get a job. Jobs are available from city hall and cost 25 GCash. You should head to the bank first where you can get some money. The bank is located in LS Commerce and is marked by a $ sign on the map.

    Typing /gcash will show how much GCash you have. You start out with 0.

    You will find in your bag /mybag a cheque for 20 GCash which can be cashed in the Bank by typing /use 1

    Every game day at 6:00am (use /time ) all players in the bank receive 15 GCash.

    You can earn GCash by sweeping the roads, collecting trash,or by delivering pizzas.

    When you have 25 GCash you will receive a message and can head to city hall.

    In City Hall type /job <jobname> to get the job you want.

    To get a passport type /lvpassport or /sfpassport in City Hall. Use /mypassports to see which passports you have.

    To enter buildings type /enter when at an icon. When you want to exit type /exit at the door you entered from.

    Some jobs require a gun licence. In game type /help and select Gun Licence to find out how to get one.

    To get a driving licence type /help and select Driving Licence to find out how to get one.

    To buy a car find one which nobody owns or arrange a deal with another player. The vehicle registration centre is marked on the in game map by a car icon.

    To buy a skin head to the skin shop in LS, its marked on the player map by a short icon. Use /help and select Skins for more information.

    To buy a house find a house nobody owns or arrange a deal with a player. Use /help and select Houses for more information.

    To buy a business find one nobody owns or arrange a deal with a player. Use /help and select Businesses for more information.

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