Server Rules !



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    Server Rules !

    Post  [YU]Fouz on Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:46 pm

    Rules to follow !

    1) No Cheating or using game enhancing mods

    2) No Use of macros (keybinds are ok)

    3) No Scamming - stealing items/gcash/accounts/passwords etc

    4) No Advertising names or IP addresses of other servers

    5)No Multiple Accounts = BAN of 1 week + the other accounts will be deleted

    6)No Bug Abuses - of any gta, sa-mp or script bug (includes c-bug & slide bug)

    7) No Insults (including 'noob')

    8 ) No Wasting of admins time (asking for teleports etc)

    9) No Car jacking in Car shop

    10) No Deathmatching

    11) No Killing or Fighting in The Bank, Carshop , FBI Department, Jail = JAIL

    12) No Car/Heli Killing

    13) No Spawn Killing

    14) No Spamming (message & command flooding)

    15)No AFK in jail, FBI Department

    16) No Dealing with other players in order to farm gcash
    This includes dealing hits, letting others kill you repeatedly for money etc.

    17) Authority members not following the laws of Server will result in a Job Reset

    No(racism, disability insults, family insults)
    - If you continue after getting punished you will receive a 1 to 3 day ban.

    - If you have been banned you can post an unban request to get an unban date

    - If you ban evade your ban time will increase to more days from your original ban date.

    - For minor offences you may be warned by an admin before getting punished

    - Permanent bans may be imposed where required.

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